Landscape Design Process

With combined experience and continuing education in the areas of horticulture and landscape design, our team is prepared to work with you to develop a design solution that reflects your own personal style and taste. Our designers follow a 3-step process in order to create your ideal landscape design:

1. On-Site Consultation

Garden Management

First, we will send you a design questionnaire to fill out before our consultation, helping us get a better idea of your specific landscape needs and budget. Next, we will meet you at the site, take a walk around, ask questions, and discuss your wants and needs to help us become familiar with your property. We will have you fill out a design questionnaire so we can get a good idea of what your goals are, what types of things you would like to incorporate into this space, and so on. This is also a good time to toss design ideas back and forth with you. From there, we will gather any measurements, pictures, or other information that will be helpful for us in the design process.

2. Back to the Drawing Board

The next step for the designer is to head back to the office, go through the information gathered during the on-site consultation, and begin drawing the design. Our designers are prepared to use various methods for drafting the design, whether it is hand drawn or computer generated, depending on the client's needs. When the drawing is completed, we will also prepare a detailed materials list along with labor costs, plant pictures, and material samples.

3. Design Presentation Meeting

Design presentation meetings can be done on site or at our store; although in most cases we prefer to meet at our store. This allows the customer to visualize the design more easily by looking at our outdoor displays and seeing firsthand the actual landscape materials that will be used in that particular design. At this time, the designer and client will go through the design and cost estimate and discuss any related issues or questions that the client may have.

Developing a creative, unique, and functional design takes a significant amount of time; therefore we charge a design fee in order to be able to spend the appropriate amount of time to create a professional, ideal landscape design for you. The cost of the design will depend on the size of the project, so the designer will give you an estimate at your initial meeting. We will require a deposit to be paid after our initial meeting with you, before we start working on the design. Thomas Tree and Landscape is committed to keeping design costs as minimal as possible. All fees for design work may be credited between 50-100% upon hiring TT&L to complete all proposed work.

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