Lakeshore Restoration

Lakeshore restoration can be an overwhelming project for a homeowner. Let us help you! With over 30 years of experience and the right equipment, we can transform your shoreline into a more environmentally friendly and beautiful lakeshore property. We were one of the first companies to provide lakeshore restoration services in the Mankato surrounding area and we have gained valuable knowledge about equipment and installation techniques over the years.

Shore up lake with rocks of variety sizes Professional levelling of uneven lakeshore Flatten uneven or steep lake property Year-round adjustment of lakeshore landscape Lakeshore restoration and lake property upgrades

It is very important to prevent erosion from destroying your shoreline, because once a portion of your valuable land erodes into the lake, it cannot be replaced. The best solution is to secure your property from erosion before it happens by installing riprap (natural boulders/stone of various sizes) along the natural shape of your shoreline. This will provide a low maintenance solution to erosion problems while giving your property a neater appearance. To many clients, access down to the lake from the property is a concern, so we provide several options of beautiful natural stone steps that match the stone used to stabilize the shoreline. Installing these steps down to the lake will make your property more functional.

If you have a shoreline with limited land access, we can repair it during the winter time, using the frozen lake to transport materials and equipment to your property. We also stay aware of the ever-changing regulations and requirements from the county and DNR associated with lakeshore restoration. This allows us to help you as much as we can with the intimidating amount of paperwork involved during the process of obtaining a lakeshore restoration permit. Act now to take the necessary steps to preserve your shoreline before it's too late!