Team Bios

Jim Thomas
Jim's love for hunting has allowed him to spend countless hours in the great outdoors, where he finds inspiration for many of his unique landscape designs. His design style incorporates natural elements such as boulders, tree stumps, and water into the domestic landscape as much as possible. His bold refusal to install ordinary landscapes is probably what has made his company successful since he started the business over 30 years ago. With that much experience, you can be sure that Jim is the guy you want by your side when it comes to your creative landscape needs. He is dedicated to his company and spends most of his waking hours here, unless he finds a little time to sneak away and go hunting?

Mike Manahan
For the past 16 years, Mike has been the "jack of all trades" for TT&L, doing a lot of work behind the scenes. He is the designated mechanic, mathematician, hardscape specialist, and technology guru of the company. Mike's technological skills come in handy for doing much of our computer-aided design work. If anything breaks around the shop, we can most likely count on Mike to be able to pull the right tool out of his pocket to fix it on the spot. You can find Mike in our retail store seven days a week during the summer to answer your landscaping questions, and with all of his experience, there aren't many questions he can't answer!

Mike "Moonshine" Lamont
Mike has enjoyed installing landscapes professionally for the past 18 years. Since he joined our crew, Mike has showcased his knowledge and talents ranging from building retaining walls and patios to running equipment to giving advice on plant material, all of which he has learned through on-the-job experiences over the years. He's great to have on the job not only to lighten the mood with his sense of humor, but also for his brute strength. While any ordinary person would break their back trying to move a boulder or B&B tree by hand, somehow Mike can make it happen! Outside of work, Mike enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his wife, Molly, and two children. If you're wondering how he got his nickname?you'll have to try his "apple pie" recipe.

Dan “Happy Dan” Hines
Does your backyard resemble a mini-jungle? Having trouble keeping up with that dreaded landscape maintenance? Don’t sweat it; Dan’s got your back! As the leader of our maintenance division, Dan’s expertise in lawn and plant care makes him the “go-to” guy when it comes to keeping your yard looking great. With over 30 years of experience in the green industry and a degree in landscaping, you can be sure the job will be done right when Dan’s involved. Customers have been amazed at the transformation he has made in their yards over the years, turning overgrown messes into manicured masterpieces. Specializing in garden pest and weed control, shrub trimming, general landscape cleanup and lawn upkeep, Dan’s ready to whip your landscaping back into shape! In his spare time, Dan enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing and golfing.

Jane Thomas
If you've ever called our office, you've probably heard Jane's friendly greeting over the phone. Aside from being the #1 practical jokester around here, Jane is the accounting department. From payroll and billing to secretary tasks and HR issues, somehow Jane keeps track of it all. (We aren't quite sure how she does it!) But we sure are thankful that she sticks around and puts up with us, if not for her impeccable memory or hard work ethic, then definitely for her sense of humor and easy-going personality. If you enter her cozy office, you'll always be greeted with a smile behind a few stacks of paperwork. Just don't leave the door open too long, or you will be scolded for letting the warm air out!

Billy Schwarz
Billy grew up in New Ulm, MN and graduated from South Dakota State University in 2015 with a degree in Landscape Design. He has worked in the landscape field in various positions for the last 7 years including, crew laborer, crew foreman, designer, and irrigation systems designer. In his spare time he enjoys traveling and spending time outside with his wife Bethany, and their dog Leo. He also enjoys traveling and exploring new places on hunting and fishing trips.

Tyler Woitas
Tyler puts his bachelor’s degree in management and marketing to good use making sure our office operations are running efficiently. Aside from his administrative responsibilities, he’s also happy to assist with retail, deliveries and landscape installations, even if it means putting extra hours in on the weekends. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys spending time outdoors hunting, boating and riding his motorcycle.


Additional Office Staff

Marley Thomas, Senior Greeter and Director of Welcoming Services
As director of welcoming services, Marley takes his job very seriously, greeting everyone at the office door, usually with some sort of "gift" in his mouth for them. Aside from his "greeter" position, Marley carries out several other important daily tasks around the shop, including acting as our company mascot, providing entertainment for children of customers, stealing employees' lunches and hunting various critters and birds. Most importantly though, he is Jim's assistant, which mean he accompanies Jim everywhere he goes. Due to his grueling schedule, Marley requires at least 5 naps a day.

Assistant Greeter - Coming Soon, May 2018
Marley will have a little brother joining the staff soon. He will be working on training his new assistant once he arrives.

Sophie TomasSophie Thomas, Director of Security Operations
Here at Thomas Tree and Landscape, we are fortunate to have a top of the line security system. Sophie may look cute and innocent, but don't be fooled. Underneath the curly white ponytail disguise is our professional guard dog. She allows no one to sneak into the office without alerting us. When she is off-duty, she works part-time as Mike's secretary in the office. In her spare time, Sophie enjoys getting her hair done and bossing Marley around.

Squirrel, chief entertainer“Squirrel”
Do you know of any other office with a pet squirrel? Didn’t think so. “Squirrel”, who was rescued as a baby in the spring of 2014, has quickly settled into his role of chief entertainer here at Thomas Tree & Landscape. He has become infamous for his shenanigans around the office. In his spare time, Squirrel likes to stash nuts and other random objects around the office. He also keeps busy by collecting landscape materials and office supplies for nesting material. It’s all fun and games until he eats a client’s landscape design, though! (Found that out the hard way…).