Favorite Projects

Patio & Fire Pit

Backyard before updates began Backyard before updates began Showing area for sidewalk to garage access door Showing area for sidewalk to garage access door During installation of Patio and Fire Pit Installation of Sidewalk to Garage Access Door and Landscaping rocks and Plantings

This client built a new lake home, requested a large patio with fire pit for entertaining and a long walkway from back patio to garage access door.

The challenge with this project was several different elevations to deal with from a very sloped yard, existing concrete and patio door. We accomplished these issues with retaining walls and concrete block steps and walls. We kept with the gray color tones to tie into the house color, with accent colors with the retaining wall block and pavestones.

Marley picked this project as his favorite, we think partially because he got to swim in the lake everyday.


Hillside Stabilization

Trimming trees before job can get started Using Skid steer to construct access road up the hillside Excavator and Bobcat going up road on the hillside Excavator Making it up the hillside to begin digging holes View showing area where the excavator will be sitting to dig the holes Hole digging attachment on the excavator Starting to dig holes for the steel beams Digging holes for the steel beams Digging holes for the steel beams Retaining wall built View of retaining wall from below hill Plantings in place Boulders and Plantings in place New trees planted on the access road, along with straw to help with erosion View from lake below in the winter time View from lake below in the winter time, check out Marley in the corner

This project started in the fall of 2016 after the hillside of a lake home, started to slide down towards the lake, putting the swimming pool in danger of slipping down the hill.

After approximately 10 months of planning and getting the correct permits the work started. Which included removing trees and cutting an access road up the hillside for all the equipment. Holes were augured into the hillside, to install large 40’ steel beams and concrete to stabilize the sloping hill. Below the new steel and timber wall, new plantings and seedlings were installed to restart a vegetative hillside with a very solid root mass.

We teamed up with several other companies to get this project completed, including Viet Companies, I&S Engineering, Boening Brothers Construction and Braun Intertec.

Marley also picked this project as a favorite because of all the swimming opportunities. Although he did get tired of walking up and down the hill.